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you are your own healer

Tarot     guidance     self-discovery     truth



Over the phone readings:

30 min.~ $50.00

45 min.~ $60.00

60 min.~ $90.00



Call or text (917) 608-3660 to schedule your reading today!

My Intention

Tarot cards deck and magic key on a whit

"I don't consider myself a healer for others. I advocate for those seeking my help with how to heal themselves.  Empowering you is all i care about.


Being authentic and confident as a tarot reader with clients is essential to my practice. I share deep perspective on any situation with compassion and without judgement. My hope is getting my clients closer to who they really are and always were." 


All spiritual readings of any type given in-person or over the phone are meant to be for entertainment purposes only, and in no way constitute legal, financial, medical or other advice. Spiritual readings, whether using Tarot, Astrology, Mediumship, Numerology, Palmistry or any other method is not an exact science and is presented solely for your personal entertainment and enjoyment.

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